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Behavioral Health Access Study
Across the state of Michigan and the nation, access to behavioral healthcare is a critical issue. The Health Fund contracted with Altarum to study behavioral heatlhcare access. The full report is supported by research briefs and one-pagers for Medicare, Medicaid, privately-insured, and statewide total populations, as well as a social media kit for easy sharing.

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2019 Technology Report
The report examines the 46 technology projects awarded grants by the Health Fund. It highlights the trends and spotlights the standouts from nearly $13 million of funding, and it explores how the Health Fund can continue to maximize our impact in health technology.

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2014 Evaluation Report
In 2014 the Michigan Health Endowment Fund made its first awards: large grants to a small cohort of statewide organizations. This report summarizes the successes and lessons learned from this inaugural round of grantmaking, and provides a deep dive into each grant’s results.

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2018 Healthy Aging Initiative Webinar
Our June 29th webinar walks you through the 2018 Healthy Aging RFP, including our emphasis on systems change and focus on caregiving. You’ll also here from national expert Rani Snyder of The John A. Hartford Foundation about the latest in age-friendly health systems and caregiving programs that might be relevant for Michigan-based organizations.

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Behavioral Health Crisis Services: Models & Issues
Far too many people dealing with behavioral health issues end up in the emergency room. Long waits and noisy environments can exacerbate symptoms, and emergency departments often don’t have staff best suited to address complex behavioral health challenges. To effectively address behavioral health crises, we must develop and implement new models in and outside of hospital settings. This paper explores behavioral health response models, and reviews legal, financial, and coordination challenges that can be barriers to meaningful change.

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The Health Fund also prepared a supplementary piece that outlines our recommendations related to the report, as well as summaries of our grantees’ work in this area.

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Webinar: Cost Effectiveness: Piecing Together the Puzzle
Documenting a program’s impact on healthcare costs can be an important part of evaluating and demonstrating its effectiveness. However, it can be extremely complex for community-based programs with limited resources to conduct such analyses, even though they can be key to achieving long-term sustainability. The Health Fund hosted this webinar to help our grantee organizations understand program evaluation tools that can help demonstrate cost effectiveness.

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Michigan Health Philanthropy Scan
The Michigan Health Endowment Fund commissioned Public Sector Consultants Inc. to conduct a scan of philanthropic giving directed toward health programs in Michigan. This report presents the findings and analysis from our review.

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2018 Annual Report

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