Cutting Red Tape for Michigan Residents

Until this year a Michigan resident looking to register for government assistance would have encountered the longest form in the entire country. 42 pages of scarcely legible type and tiny boxes covered more than 1,000 questions, including...

Our Top Posts of the Year

The past year was action-packed here at the Health Fund. We nearly doubled our grantmaking, broadened our activities to be more engaged with Michigan communities, and told more stories about the transformative work our grantees are doing across the state. Here’s a look at our top five stories from last December through this December.

Sparking Ideas, Engaging Communities: 2016 Annual Report

2016 was a transformative year for the Michigan Health Endowment Fund. We nearly doubled our grantmaking from 2015, awarding upwards of $21 million to support a healthier Michigan. Read more in our annual report, “Sparking Ideas, Engaging Communities.”

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