Michigan Medigap Subsidy



TTY: 1-866-824-7002

The Michigan Medigap Subsidy will provide a total of $120 million through 2021 to assist low-income Medigap policyholders with the cost of their coverage. After launching in 2016 with an upper income limit of 150% of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL), we’ve expanded eligibility this year to 225% of the poverty level—and are now helping more than 30,000 Michigan residents.

NOTE Changes to the the Affordable Care Act will NOT affect the Michigan Medigap Subsidy. The subsidy is independent of the ACA, and will continue regardless of federal policy changes.

Mail Paper Applications to

Michigan Medigap Subsidy
P.O. Box A3413
Chicago IL 60690-9901

Subsidy Eligibility

To qualify for the Michigan Medigap Subsidy, you must have a household income at or below 225% of the Federal Poverty Level.

1 person  $27,315

2 people  $37,035

Subsidy Amounts

65-74 years old  $40/month

75 years or older  $65/month

Under 65 with a disability  $125/month

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