The Health Fund strives to achieve tangible outcomes and lasting impact for Michigan residents, and we know the best measure of success is through the successes of our grant partners. To that end, we integrate evaluation into the overall work of the Health Fund, and collaborate closely with grantees to measure success.

Our Evaluation Goals

  • Generate Knowledge: Use information to guide program improvements
  • Tell the Story: Share evaluation results broadly to inform future actions by many groups
  • Be Accountable: Assess the effectiveness of our grantmaking against the Health Fund’s strategic plan, mission and vision
  • Inform Policymaking: The Health Fund uses evaluation results to influence health policy and health delivery transformation within Michigan

Our Evaluation Principles

  • Evaluation is a collaborative learning tool. Grantees and relevant stakeholders will be involved in all phases of evaluation from planning through dissemination.
  • The Health Fund will use a variety of evaluation approaches tailored to the goals and objectives of each proactive funding initiative and the focus areas within responsive grantmaking.
  • Any evaluation approach chosen will be timely, practical, and dynamic to reflect different needs, opportunities, and priorities that reflect the range of projects and audiences.
  • Evaluation is not a standalone activity or an afterthought. It is part of all phases of our work.
  • The Health Fund will strive for collection of the most critical information with the least effort.

More than Reporting

We engage with grantees on regular basis, taking active steps to ensure we’re not only listening to our partners, but providing support that parallels their needs. Throughout the year, we bring our grant partners together to learn from each other. We host discussions around key issues, best practices, and shared challenges, and facilitate connections among grantees working on related projects. Our program officers regularly travel the state to visit with grantees and potential grantees. By staying engaged with our partners and communities around Michigan we learn more and do better work—bringing us closer to realizing our mission, and helping to build a healthier Michigan.


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